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John holds the Order of The Master Baker from Belfast, Belfast City, and holds a Guilds Bakery Certificate making him the repository of many decades of baking tradition in the authentic old style. With this wealth of experience, John Campbell's Irish Bakery opened on Geary on May 21st, 2007. Stop by the bakery for tasty offers of Potato Bread, Irish Crusty Bread, Brown Bread, Sultan Scones, and of course Soda Bread.


San Francisco, CA

John Campbell's Irish Bakery

Shortbread, Celtic Almond Bread, Barm Brach

Catering, old-fashioned American treats, with nods to ancestors from Ireland, Scotland and England, as well as liquor and tea cakes, and traditional Christmas Puddings for the holidays.


San Jose, CA

Celtic Tea Shop - Artisan Candies & Savouries

Haggis, Scottish Tablet, Scotch Whisky Fudge, Rum Cake

Old school European Café featuring an assortment of sandwiches, salads, sausages and cheeses. Plus a variety of wine, beer and coffee drinks.


El Cerrito, CA

The Junket

Come find your German and British groceries here!

The Castle is a legendary San Francisco bar. Thousands have passed through the doors since it opened in 1959. Some find what they are looking for, others not so lucky. That’s what makes a great tavern, real life. You won’t find TV’s with sports on. We prefer conversation. We try to keep it real.


San Francisco, CA

Edinburgh Castle Pub

Glasgow Mule, Pub Readings, Quiz Night
Food, Beverages, & Treats For Tartan Tastes
Cookbooks & Spurtles

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